Web Series

How long could you last living on a billboard?

WTYT 960 will be streaming live updates from the solar powered feed of the Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest. Check in on the four contestants who entered the contest as they attempt to out survive the others to win a mobile home and “nine-sixty” thousand dollars.

The contestants will only be allowed what they can fit into a backpack, on their ascent up to the catwalk, that’s ten feet in the air in front of a billboard. The contestants will be supplied a tent, sleeping bag, a gallon of water and share two pizzas a day for as long as they can last. Anything else that they may need can be hoisted up to them by a pulley system.

Who will be the four contestants? What will happen when human beings are put on display like zoo animals? Subscribe to our various social channels to find out: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram