Web Series

Is watching four people living on a billboard as captivating as watching grass grow? NOT! Check in with the WTYT 960 billboard sitting contestants to find out how they’re surviving while living on a billboard.

Imagine the mayhem that ensues when four people are thrust into a situation where they live in tents, ten feet in the air, on a catwalk and their only way to get items for survival is by a pulley system. What do they do to pass the time? How do they get along? What crazy ideas flow through their brains as they’re isolated from the rest of the world? Why did they give up everything to become a part of WTYT 960’s crazy contest? Sign up for WTYT 960’s YouTube channel and check in on social media to find out!

The web series stars Micheal Fegley, Cristina Lucas Tissot, Kristyn Koczur and David Lind with guest stars Oakes Fegley and Darlene Cates.