When four lucky people asked to be put on a pedestal, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. The play, The WTYT960 Billboard Sitters, follows the struggles of four individuals eager for a change as they compete for a local radio station’s grand prize of “nine-sixty” thousand dollars and a mobile home. The objective is simple: all they have to do is outlast the others, living on a catwalk in front of a billboard – no matter how long it takes. Josh, a down on his luck laborer; Shelby, a twenty-something artist; Ellen, a widowed stroke victim; and Clark, a wannabe rock star, soon find that long nights, crazed fans, and endless media attention make the contest even more difficult than they ever imagined.

As the contest rages on, the station’s motivations come into question as the contestants find themselves increasingly isolated from the outside world and the ones they love. Are the contestants simply making themselves into attractions in a modern day freak show? Or can they remain “real” people amid modern media’s ever-present “here and now” portrayals? Join us to find out what lengths each contestant will go to in order to survive!

This interactive immersive play allows the audience to get in on the fun! You can download a free mobile app that will enable you to interact with the characters and affect different elements of the story. This will be unlike anything that the you’ve experienced before!