Casey Lindeweiler is attempting to keep his family radio station, WTYT 960, afloat by pulling out one of the oldest tricks in radio—the whacky contest. Casey announces the Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest, where four lucky people will live on a billboard, until one person remains to win “nine sixty thousand” dollars and a mobile home.

At first the laughing stock of the community, Casey’s harebrained scheme to drum up listeners  manages to grab national attention, attracting potential contestants from across the country. Unprepared for the limelight, Casey quickly learns that popularity doesn’t pay the bills, a lesson his father never learned.

As the four contestants ascend ladders to their new homes; a tent on a catwalk, in front of a billboard, they quickly realize they entered into something they didn’t bargain for. They need to find ways to survive hot summer days, cold winter nights, crazed fans, endless media attention and Casey’s competition who want to see him fail and say goodbye to the only independent station left in town.

With his back against the wall, and failure all but certain, Casey needs to dig deep within himself to figure out a way to right his sinking ship and restore the reputation of his family’s station. Will he find a way? Tune in to WTYT 960 to find out!

Billboard is an underdog story rooted in the fight to keep a business alive while trying to help others along the way. It’s a social commentary on the public’s obsession with perceived reality versus true reality, as well as the juxtaposition of the harried pace of “here and now” technology and time quietly passing by, while at center of attention.

The movie is currently in post production and stars John Robinson. (Elephant, Lords of Dogtown, Transformers), Independent Spirit Award Winner Heather Matarazzo, (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Devil’s Advocate, The Princess Diaries, Hostel: Part II), Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids, Bully, Gotham, Storytelling), and Academy Award Nominee and Independent Spirit Award winner Eric Roberts (Run Away Train, Dark Knight, The Cable Guy).

What was it like being an extra on the movie.

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