Casey Lindeweiler inherits radio station WTYT 960 from his father only to discover that it’s on the brink of financial collapse. To right the sinking ship, Casey pulls out the oldest trick in radio, the wacky contest.

His grand plan is to host a billboard sitting contest where four people will live on a catwalk in front of a billboard for the chance of winning a mobile home and “nine-sixty thousand” dollars.

Unprepared for the spotlight, Casey rises to the challenge of running a business as he’s faced with relentless attacks from his competition, the local authorities trying to shut him down, the media’s interpretation of his contest, and mother nature.

"Billboard will entertain, provoke thought, stir emotions & inspire ideas."

Zeke Zelker

Writer, Director, Producer

Zeke Zelker, a critically acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker/entrepreneur, has a different approach to his craft, which he calls cine•experiences. His projects just don’t simply entertain, they engage audiences to become a part of the story. From producing the first transmedia project at Sundance, to writing, directing and producing the 7th most viewed dramas on Hulu, InSearchOf, Zeke continues to push the boundaries of storytelling with his latest project Billboard.


Zeke has written, directed and produced feature films, tv shows, commercials and even live theatrical productions. Click on a link below to see some of Zelker’s work.





Zeke shares his experiences of crafting Billboard, a cine•experience years in the making! This is a behind the scenes look at the choices he made in the project’s creation and the grit it took to carry out his vision.


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See the story unfold from every angle

Everything about Billboard is interconnected. From the characters in the movie watching the live feed of the billboard sitters, to the songs playing in the station throughout the film being from bands on, there are tons of ways for you to dive deeper into the story. Head over to the radio station or check in on The Billboard Sitters by clicking below!